Group Policies

The Network Policies are decided by Language Teaching Professionals.

Who can Join the Groups

International Groups

Everybody around the world concerned with language education is welcome to join the International groups.

Japan Groups / Regional Groups
These are only for members of ETJ (English Teachers in Japan), and it is necessary to be living in Japan to join. There is no fee for joining ETJ. The membership form is at . For regional groups, it is necessary to be living in the region to become a member.

FETJ groups
These groups support FETJ (Filipino English Teachers in Japan). For filipino members of ETJ

Administrative groups
These groups are only for administrators.

Posting and manners
Please keep posts relevant to the purpose of a group
Please avoid spam and abuse of any kind
Please don’t post commercial messages to non-commercial groups

In groups where commercial posts are OK, please so any kind of promotion in moderation and with sensitivity to the feelings of other members of the group.

Each group has one or more moderators. Moderators have the right to edit or remove posts.

When policies are not followed
Language Teaching Professionals may remove members from a group or from the whole network. Language Teaching Professionals has complete discretion over this.